Differences between Basic, Smart, and Ultimate Jellypoi-BubblePoi modifications

In this article we will have a closer look at our latest models of application props and see what is the difference between the models and their modifications.


BubblePoi or JellyPoi


First of all, let’s watch the difference between BubblePoi and JellyPoi. At first glance, it’s obvious: BubblePoi has spherical shape, and Jellypoi look like drops, similar to podpoi. That’s right, but there is more…

BubblePoi can be used not only as poi, but also as separate spheres. So, you can use them for contact style, juggle and throw them, play mini-soccer and other fun games.

JellyPoi are supposed to be used only like poi on the rope, not separately.


JellyPoi 16

JellyPoi 16 was the first of soft poi we made. We have released them in the end of 2019, and they have become rather popular among our customers. They have double-sided board with 16 LEDs that in total gives 32 LEDs (16 on each side). There are two modifications of JellyPoi 16: Basic and Smart. Smart version additionally contains:

- Fitness-poi functionality with training statistics in Mobile App;

- Image stabilization option;

- Soft braided non-springy cord, choice of top poi-spinners;

- Translucent cases on poi to keep them clean at regular trainings.

Jellypoi 16 Basic is a simplified version; it is equipped with a thinner 6 mm cord, doesn’t show training statistics in the app, and doesn’t have translucent cases.


JellyPoi 16 against JellyPoi 24


  1. JellyPoi 24 is a brand-new product that has 3 stripes with 24 LEDs on each placed symmetrically around the core, that gives 72 LEDs in total (opposed to 16/32 for JellyPoi 16) with 360 degree illumination with no black zones.
  2. Due to upgraded technology, JellyPoi 24 are 2,25 times brighter than JellyPoi 16.
  3. JellyPoi has the system of channels with surface weight distribution that makes the balance perfect. JellyPoi 16 doesn’t have this privilege.



Next point is the choice between Basic, Smart, and Ultimate modifications. Which I better? What are the differences? Does it make sense to overpay for the top modification?

  1. Cord. For Basic version, we use 6 mm black nylon rope. Smart and Ultimate versions are equipped with a thicker, soft braided non-springy 8 mm white cord.
  2. Training statistics. Available for Smart and Ultimate. This feature in mobile application counts every move you do with the poi: training time, spent calories, number of spins, stalls, drops, throws.   
  3. Static spin stabilization. Available for Smart and Ultimate. Allows you to see an image when the poi rotates around its axle, retains width of an image when the poi change its speed.
  4. Swivels. In Basic version we use fixed plastic ring on both ends just keeping the rope, no more. Smart version has steel bearings on both sides (in the poi and in the knob) allowing to make all tricks that required swivels. Ultimate version has ceramic bearing instead of steel. It not only allows you to do many tricks requiring swivels, but also allows the poi to rotate around its axle much more time than with steel bearing.
  5. Battery capacity. Otherwise, how much time your poi work without charge. Basic and Smart version include 2600 mAh, Ultimate has 3500 mAh, that extends light time on 35%.


Knobs: to glow or not to glow

In addition to standard knobs (with an option of adjusting weight, by the way) we suggest pixel ones. Just want to remind that pixel knobs have the same technology as the poi, it’s full a electronic device with all functionality of pixel Bubble or JellyPoi. It’s just has 3 stripes with 5 pixels, that’s all. Pixel knobs can be synced with pixel poi by mobile application. Due to low resolution they cannot display pictures in all their clarity, but at least they can duplicate a color background of pixel poi, making your spinning performance much more spectacular. Another cool thing about Ignis application props - you can always switch from pixel knobs to standard ones, as they easily are pulled out.


It seems that’s all for now, we hope that this article will help you to make the right choice. You are always welcome in our web store, and if you still have some questions, feel free to ask.


Best wishes, 

Ignis team

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