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Meet Pascale Mullor, our honored customer and partner. She lives in France and she is passionate about nunchaku. Pascale's Instagram account has almost 40k followers. People who are related somehow to flow-art and nunchaku world are admired by her mastery and beauty. You don't know who we are talking about? Read the article and find out more about this wonderful woman.


My name is Pascale Mullor, I am 34 years old and I am passionate about nunchaku!

I started with the poi and the devil stick when I was in my twenties. This art I was learning myself, and for me it was a main hobby. I have always loved the artistic world since my childhood, where people dance and use some props to entertain public. Although I never bothered to take lessons at school, it was just a way for me to express myself and feel joy. At 25, I became a mom and had to put everything aside, being too absorbed with my family obligations. At 30, I was able to start devoting time to myself and wanted to progress in practicing nunchaku. I had the opportunity to do it a few times before, but it was not before September 2015 when everything really started. At that period, I finally had time to devote myself to my hobbies, and it was a revelation. I felt so good with nunchaku in hands. My desire to progress has always been so strong in me. I trained hard, preferring solitude rather than going out with friends. What always inspired me was my desire to surpass myself and to become the person who had already lived in my mind. I wanted to give life to the one I saw deep inside.

The first two years I trained more than ten hours a week, now I train an hour or two a week, because two years ago I started bodybuilding. This second sporting activity goes as a good addition to my lifestyle, getting me stronger, because it seems important to me to be in good physical shape to perform in this kind of discipline. Bodybuilding requires a lot of rigor, as well as a lot of time for training and rest.

Right now, I'm preparing for freestyle nunchaku competitions, because I like challenges.

When I started nunchaku, I had never done martial arts, I did not know the rules and I never participated in championships. It was a very rewarding experience. I always looked at the nunchaku from an artistic point of view, as a mean to express myself, and it was quite natural for me to mix it with dance. My experience in nunchaku competitions allowed me to challenge myself, to make my style more martial, and I am convinced that no style should be left aside. I like to work in different styles and I find it very complementary.

I would like the freestyle nunchaku to be a discipline spread all over the world, because it improves such attributes as dexterity, creativity, concentration, equilibrium, and allows to express your artistic skills.

More about myself? Well, I never watch TV or movies. I am an electric battery that is hard to hold in place. I dream freestyle nunchaku to be a discipline more widespread in the world. In humans, I love tolerance, modesty, and respect for what surrounds us.

You can follow Pascale's accounts in social media with lots of photos and videos.

Instagram: @petitpatapon_nunchaku

Facebook: Pascale Mullor 


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