Ignis Pixel Melting Spring 2021

This is what you have been waiting for! If you have plans to buy pixel props, it's a great time to do it.

Just a couple of weeks left before this spring is over. And then, summer time! So, we have got a very good special offer for you:

We give 15% discount only for two days, on 17th and 18th of May.
Then the discount will melt down 1% per each day until the end of the month, the last day of May it will be just 2%.
So, the sooner you grab our special offer, the better discount you get!

The offer is available since May 17, 2021 until May 31, 2021, for all products
(except all basic products: BubblePoi, JellyPoi 16, JellyPoi 24, Pixel Knob)

For those who want to buy later, but get the benefit of the sale, we have LAYAWAY option:

Pay 30% of the price now and keep the discount. Pay the rest of the amount within the next 90 days and get your order!

Get the best deal by ordering Ignis Pixel props with the world's record resolution.

Don’t lose time!
Take action!

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