Layaway option - 30% of the price

Dear customers,

During Christmas sale we offer a good opportunity for those who want to buy later, but at the current discount.

The system is simple: pay 30% now and keep the discounted price => pay another 70% within the next 3 months => get your order.

To use this opportunity, place an order and leave the word “LAYAWAY” in the comments. When we see the order, we will get in touch with you to discuss the terms and adjust the price, making the first bill for 30% of the total amount. You pay and keep the current discounted price even after the sale is over. The rest of the amount you can pay any time until April 1. Pay the rest in one bunch or split it on several smaller parts – it’s up to you to decide. After you cover full cost, we will put your order in line and you get it after a few days or weeks (depends on how workshop’s schedule, but we will discuss approximate time of shipping with you anyway).

This option will give you an opportunity to buy Ignis product even if you are lack of finances at the moment.

Good luck, and choose wisely!


Best wishes,


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