Ignis 10-year Anniversary

Long time ago I performed with fire (probably as you do now). It's all started from simple performances in the University. This is when I fell in love with the flow art.

After some time my like-minded friends and I decided to start making fire props. We made a small community in social media where people could find us. They ordered fire poi, staffs, fans, and comets from all over Russia. Shortly after, we became very popular in our profession – we became the best.



(first Ignis fire props)


Then the idea to create LED props sprang to our mind. We started developing it, creating a few ordinary models of LED poi and some other props.



(Ignis LED props)

But deep down we always wanted to create something bigger. And this moment has come! It happened in a day when one of our regular customers assigned a supertask for us. He needed real programmable pixel poi in a month. After some deliberation, we got down to this arduous task. The work began, and in a month the customer performed with our pixels! This is how the first Ignis pixel poi saw the light.


(Ignis digital poi - first edition)

Now you know how it started, and here we are, with a whole range of modern, high-tech, strong props for your choice. Currently, we consider ourselves to be on the top of the world market of pixel props for beginners and professionals, offering a wide choice of programmable props: poi, staffs, nunchucks, dragonstaff, levitation wands, fans, buugengs. We hope all this will inspire you to create new light shows your audience hasn’t seen before. We have been working for all these years to achieve this level of security, usability, and brightness. Ignis pixel props are made by people who devoted their lifes to this craft. This is why we strive to create perfect equipment that you can completely rely upon during your show. I dare say that such long period of our life was not spent in vain, that we have made much progress in the world of flow art. And we are not going to stop, being full of plans for future, and want to live up your expectations.

On top of that, I would like to display some fresh reviews form our customers.




More reviews: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ignisshop/reviews/

I dare say that it proves we are on the right way, and we will definitely keep going.

Stay tuned to us, and if you are still not a part of Ignis community, you are always welcome!


Kindest regards and best wishes,


Gregory Zhuravlev


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